Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guessing Game

Raising bilingual children has turned the usual toddler talk from "Huh?" to "Yeah, I got nothing". Some things come out crystal clear ("Nigh nigh!", "Want Poppa!", "NO!", "Ewww!") and others... well, let me give you some examples:

"Moo-Mah" - Kiss, I'm done, Want Down/Up
"Ti" - Yes/Si, Tea, This
"Mwa Ma" - Want more/mas, Want Dino, Want that, Cat, You're dumb (thanks to my 6 year old for teaching her 2 year old sister to call people dumb)
"Aya!" - There, No, Leave me alone
"Papi" - Papi/Daddy, Puppy, Potty, Pretty
"bee-bee" - T.V., Baby, Cbebees (TV channel), Pee-pee
"Ah poo" - Bless you, Want this off/on, I need a diaper, Winnie the pooh, Blanket,  Over there
"Poon" - Spoon, Soon, Put
"Doodah" - Toy, Food, Chair, Up, Hug
"Dee dee" - Piggy/Piglet, Dirty, Pretty, Kitty, Give me
"Manana" - MaƱana/Morning/Tomorrow, Banana, Manzana/Apple, She hit me

I think I spend at least 80% of the day either feeding her or translating her words, sometimes both at the same time.

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