Saturday, May 14, 2011

A new take on potty training

I have two wonderful daughters who always keep me on my toes. Today Dragonsita ("almost 6" as she constantly reminds me) came up with a very interesting way to potty train Fussy (2).

I went out to the garage to answer the doorbell (no, I am not interested in buy more papaya right now, please stop ringing). It took a long time to convince the vender to remove his foot from my door so that I could shut it because I'm not buying. When I got back inside Dragonsita met me at the door:

Dragonsita: "Mami! Fussy is a big girl now! She's wearing Dora panties!"

Me: "Now she's going to pee on everything"

Dragonsita: "She already peed. But, don't worry Mama! It didn't on everything, it didn't. She's got some adult diapers!"

At this point I'm starting to worry because I wasn't aware we had any in the house. So I decide to go check it out. Sure enough, there is my toddler waddling around in her bedroom wearing a pair of Dora panties. They were a little difficult for her to walk in because my little problem solver had decided to put a pad inside in case her little sister went potty in her underwear.

Dragonsita: "See Mami! Now she can be a big girl like me and you don't have to worry about if she won't ever use the potty! My bestest friend told me that sometimes her Mama pees her pants when she sneezes, is that why you have adult diapers? This way Fussy can be a big girl and pee in her adult diaper and be happy 'cause she has Dora on her butt!"

I don't think that my attempt to be a responsible parent and point out that she got into my stuff without asking was very effective while laughing.

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  1. Oh that gave me a laugh for the day. Hilarious! Hey, at least she is trying to help!