Monday, May 16, 2011

The tinklefairy

This morning as I was getting Dragonsita ready for school I bent down to get some socks out of her dresser and my knee popped as I got up. As usual, Dragonsita had to throw in her 2 cents worth.

Me: "Ow..."

Dragonsita: "It's cause the old fairy came and made you old"

Me: "Are you saying that Tinkerbell sprinkled my knee with fairy dust and made it old?!"

Dragonsita: "No! Fairy dust makes you fly and Tinkerbell just makes things. She's a Tinkle fairy!"

Me: "A Tinkle fairy??"

Dragonsita: "Yes, because she's a good tinklerer. Anyways, you are old all over"

Me: "Gee, thanks"

Dragonsita: *giggles* "You need old people stuff now. Maybe Poppa could let you use his cane" 

If she had her way, I would be in a retirement community already.

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