Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mi Torta de Jamon

This blog is a continuation on a theme that was actually picked out by a troll on a pro-immigration article, an article about some people that I have come to consider my inspiration and am proud to call "friend". This troll was obviously out to ruffle some feathers and made a comment about how "Women would marry a ham sandwich". Yes, yes, don't feed the trolls and all that jazz, but, I have to say "I LOVE MY TORTA DE JAMON!" In Homer Simpson style, I'm going to list 25 reasons why I love my ham sandwich, and why as our 7th wedding anniversary approaches, I'm still proud to call him mine.

1. He is an amazing father. No matter how little sleep he's had in the last 24-48 hours, he still will stay awake for a tea party/dinosaur rampage/coloring session.

2. He accepts and even loves my particular brand of crazy. He doesn't always understand it, but he knows it's who I am and loves me even more for it.

3. He shares my love of music. We'll spend hours scouring youtube for songs that we have only heard snippets of. He'll talk with my father endlessly about music, and like my father and I, when a song was made has no bearing on whether he likes that song or not. Our house is always full of music playing, songs from the 40s up through current times, in all genres, from nearly every country in the world.

4. His family values are amazing. The devotion he shows not only to his family but to mine as well constantly blow my mind.

5. He'll work any job, no matter how demeaning (provided it isn't immoral or illegal) to provide for us.

6. He worries more about my fair skin burning than I do. He's always reminding me that it's time to put on more sunblock, and even carries a tube of it in the car for me at all times.

7. When he makes a mistake when it comes to me, it upsets him more than me. For example, yesterday we were out and he went to run into the store really quick to pick up some tacos and I decided to stay in the car. He forgot that I was staying and started to roll up the car window on my fingers that were sticking out. The window had barely started to move, no where near trapping my fingers, and he was so upset worrying that he had hurt me (no chance of that) and mad at himself for forgetting.

8. He's not a cat person at all, in fact if you ask him, he hates them. But he's accepted my cats and will even pet them and play with them if he thinks no one is watching.

9. He's embraced a love of all things Winnie the Pooh to have one more thing to bond with our baby and I over.

10. He taught himself English. Not just enough to get by, but enough to be fluent.

11. When I'm sad, he'll tease me out of it or hold me, whichever is needed. If I'm ranting he talks it out with me and helps me to calm down.

12. To the rest of the world, he's confident in himself and who he is, but to me he shows me just how much he is afraid that he isn't good enough.

13. Despite his brother telling him for the last 8 years that I'm going to leave him for a rich American, he's never believed it. Even when I was spitting mad and told him I would, he still didn't believe it. He trusts in us completely, and believes with his whole heart that we will make it through whatever bumps are in our path. You know what? We do.

14. He worries about how the girls and I will handle whatever obstacle is in front of us to no end. It frustrates me to distraction, but at the same time, I love knowing that he's thinking of us, and what he can do to make it easier.

15. After 8 years together, he still stays up late just to talk. I know every thought on his mind, and he knows what's on mine.

16. He loves me and wants me the same as he did all those years ago. Even though I've gained about 50 lbs and never was a stick of a girl. When I point out a dress that I want to be able to wear, or a girl I want to look like he just says "Why would you want to look like that?! She looks like she's sick." and he really means it.

17. He still gives me butterflies. Even when I'm mad and pretending that he doesn't. The only problem is, he knows it too, jaja.

18. Despite being a macho male who always wanted a son, he's never been upset about only having girls. He'll take our girls fishing and let them help him build something and then come inside and paint their nails or let them put bows in his hair.

19. He's dances with the girls and always tries to tease me into dancing with him, settling for a song instead and telling me that's what he wanted all along.

20. He tells me I'm always right, even when we both know he was right all along.

21. He loves to draw, and is very good at it.

22. When I said I missed McDonald's breakfast burritos, he figured out how to make them for me so they taste just like I remember.

23. If I let him, he would eat just beans and tortillas every day in order to give the girls and I everything we wanted. Even if he was sick and tired of beans and tortillas, he wouldn't say a word.

24. He's so very patient with the girls, and when they've reached the end of their rope and have dissolved into a puddle of over dramatisism that would do a Spanish soap opera star proud, he still finds the way to make them calm and smile.

25. He loves me, and puts up with everything that has been thrown in our path, gladly walking with me through the twists and turns, just to be with me.

I do not feel as if any of these really touch upon what makes him great. They are just 25 small things, and there are a million more, that add up into someone who is perfect for me. They are just a few examples of what made me love him in the first place, and what keeps me in love with him all these years. Borders or not, he's mine, and I won't be letting him go.

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  1. #6 all the way. If you truly love your white person, you are scared to death that they will develop skin cancer and must always be prepared with sunblock. And while the whole list is adorable, #8 is really cute!

  2. Lovely list, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great list! Always nice to find another fellow blogger on this journey. Cant wait to check out the rest of your blog!

  4. What a guy! This is a great list!!!