Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school

I know I'm a procrastinator, but usually when it has to do with the girls, I'm all over it and even early. This year, school just seemed to sneak up on me. Here it is, Thursday. School starts Monday! We haven't gotten Ys uniforms, or even know what they are. No school supplies, haven't replaced her water bottle, nothing to make lunches with, not a single item. Oops.

This weekend will be spent running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to cram ourselves into the mass of other parents saying "Oh crap!". I'm sure that will just be a thrill a minute. Sensory overload. Yep, I'm looking forward to that. I'm probably going to see if someone would be willing to take the girls for a few hours so that can be one less worry to concentrate on and I can pick up the supplies.

School starting brought up yet another worry. Where should Y go to school? She was placed in the same school as her cousins, but it's not a very good school, nor the closest. It has lots of security concerns, and it's teaching record is sub-par. On the other hand, the school that is closest is the best, and they do have some open spots, but not until after the first week of school. Even then, it's not guaranteed. By this point they can pick and choose who they want to fill those spots. My facebook friends will remember the hassle of last year (the kinder on our street enrolled her, then 2 weeks before school started stated they didn't have room anymore and they messed up, so we ran around trying to find another kinder that wasn't an impossible distance away that still had room and had to purchase all new uniforms, etc. Just for the original kinder to tell us 2 weeks after school started that, oh yeah, they do have room and if we want to pay to switch her and buy new uniforms and school supplies we could have her attend the one she was supposed to be going to anyways and is only 3 doors away from us. Thanks but no thanks). Now we are wondering, do we risk that again, or keep her at the school she's enrolled in, where her cousins can go with her in the mornings and my sister in law can take her and pick her up? We just decided to keep her there for now. If at a future point in time we can, we'll switch her to a private school. She's with family, the school isn't great, but then again, she still doesn't speak much Spanish so she would struggle at the other one too. It's only 1st grade. For now, while it's just the beginning of the school year, we've started researching our options for next year.

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  1. If there was no last minute, I wouldn't get anything done. Colin has to get a chicken pox booster, and I still have not made an appointment. Argh!