Saturday, March 29, 2014

2 for 1

I recently stated that for every negative about living in Mexico I could list 2 positives. Today I make good on that. Yes, I love a good gripe, but I'm not immune to Mexico's charms.

Gripe: Electricity costs more.
Sure, my electricity costs a lot more here than it would state side. But there are positives, too.

1. Reduced carbon footprint.
I don't use nearly what I would in the states.
2. A more natural way of life:
My children are growing up exposed to things that are blocked out in the states. Less Wii, more dirt on the shoes. Less TV, more mud pies. Less... well, you get the picture.

Gripe: Toys cost 2-3 times what they would in the states.

1. Less material, more imaginative.
I don't need a department in a major (read: expensive) toy store designed for toys to engage the imagination... a rock and a stick gives them that.
2. Less spoiled.
It takes a lot less to keep my kids happy. They no longer need the newest toy (though that doesn't mean they won't inquire, just that they are OK when it doesn't happen). They are thrilled when they do get a toy, and don't just toss it aside like they would state side.
3. (OK, this one has a third) The value of money.
It takes them 4 times as long to save up their money to buy that desired toy. Thus, rooms are cleaned more, toys last longer, and less whining... win as a parent.

Gripe: No toilet seats in public bathrooms.

1. Squatting is better for intestinal health.
2. I gave you and extra on above, lets call it even.

Gripe: Pay for toilet paper (sometimes).

1. Learn when you really have to go. In some ways, assists with potty training. When can you hold and when can't you?
2. Learn to bring toilet paper with you at all times, even if it's just a few sheets in your back pocket or an entire roll hidden in the glove box.

OK, so sometimes there are more negatives on any given subject... but sometimes the positives are greater on other subjects. No, this wasn't a life I would have chosen or predicted. But, it's the life I have and the life I love. I'm allowed to complain and still love it. Anyone who says otherwise has some deep seated issues that should be properly addressed in a doctor's office and possibly consider a straight jacket. Because loving something means acknowledging the faults and loving it/them in spite of it. And it's OK to gripe. It's OK to whine. As long as it is balanced. I live my day in strive of balance, and those I know and accept as my friends do as well. It's also OK to agree to disagree on subjects without saving it for a cheap shot later.

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