Friday, September 9, 2011

Un mejor Colonia

A long time ago (well, not so long ago) lived a man who petitioned the city to pave the roads and privadas of our colonia. The city, in it's infinite wisdom, decided that rather than hiring someone to fix it, they would just give the man the money in cash and have him hire someone. What do you think happened?

Flash forward about 30 years. Still dirt roads. Only now, it's dirt holes. Giant ones. The rainy season really didn't help with that. Only now it's dirt roads with giant holes that semi's and buses zoom down each day further helping to create even bigger holes that have been known to swallow cars whole and one family who was able to buy out an entire privada, build a large bodega, a cow farm, and grow plenty of alfalfa and corn each year.

About a week ago we noticed said family posting signs all over the colonia announcing a "mandatory meeting" (because apparently they now feel they are the kings of the colonia) to discuss repairing and paving just the one main street that their store, farm, and homes are on. They want everyone in the colonia to pay for it. Ummmm....

*@!#^(   *^&@$%  *^&@#^!!!!

Yeah. That about sums it up. Thanks, but no thanks. They've been living large off of their stolen funds (which the city has never had any intention of trying to reclaim or replace) and now want us all to pay to pave one road instead of that road and all the privadas (which the majority of us live on since they bought half the road they want paved) that the city's money would have payed for. I get that they didn't steal it, their uncle did, but they've made a good life for themselves off of that stolen money. And of course, after the main road is done, they have no intention on helping anyone on the privadas out to pave their roads because "We don't use those roads! Why should we help pay for a road we don't use?! But everyone uses the main road, so everyone has to help!"

And if flat out bullying doesn't work, they'll post signs saying who is against making this "Un mejor Colonia". I've got my own signs people, and I know right where I plan on shoving them.


  1. They sound like cleverly disguised GOP members. We got ours, so too bad for you. Tell them to shove it in their mejor culo-nia.

  2. I told my husband that I'm OK with the dirt road. It's just practice for a future career in stunt car driving.