Saturday, February 22, 2014

This is not the post you are looking for

I had typed up this long, drawn out blog post calling out all the entities who had done me wrong... well, all 3. In the end, I decided I'm not yet ready to go into those stories. I realized, if I only had 3 stories that were eating at me, I'm well off. Two were things beyond my control, and will eat at me probably forever. The other, a story as old as time with two sides. Basically, more personal. So... if those were the posts you were waiting for, you will have to wait for me to proof-read that when it isn't after midnight and I'm not up with 2 sick kids.

So, instead, I offer you a different post. I'm writing to you here, south of sanity once again (in more ways than one), yet enjoying what I have. I have my family whole. I have possibilities. I have years worth of material items I have saved up both before and after Mexico.  And I have friends I never knew I would meet here, both of the US variety and Mexican. Restarting, in a way I would never imagine. And trying to refocus on what is important, despite the little things trying to draw me into their tiny battles that they will never win. Because, in the end, I know my path is right. I don't have to second guess. I don't have to think about "what ifs". Because I know.

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